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How to Use Range Plant Community Guides and Recovery Strategies Manuals for Project and Reclamation Planning in Grasslands

September 11, 2019

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Target Audience

Designed for students, agrologists, ecologists, land stewards, regulators, planners, reclamation practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about native grassland ecosystems.

This one day, class-based course will provide valuable context to interpret the results of data collected in the upcoming AEP Conservation Assessments – Strategic Siting and Pre-disturbance Site Assessments for Industrial Activities on Native Grasslands.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a basic understanding of the ecosystem classification concepts for the Grassland and Parkland Range Plant Community Guides.
  • Learn how to navigate through the guides to link site conditions, soils and determine plant communities. Participants will practice on data sets for each of the two classification systems.
  • Overview of disturbance risk assessments and strategic siting for grassland plant communities
  • Work through development of appropriate mitigation and restoration strategies, linked to types of disturbance, for each plant community discussed.


Registration:  Registration after the early bird date is $235.00 per person.

Online Registration is available at; or you are welcome to contact

Donna Watt directly at: or (403) 563‐8925 for student rates, registration, and additional information. There is a $50 administration fee for registration cancellations up to 48 hours in advance of an event. Sorry, no cancellations after that.

Course Materials

Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Grassland for the Foothills Fescue, Foothills Parkland and Montane Natural Subregions”.

Range Plant Communities and Range Health Assessment Guidelines for the Dry Mixedgrass Natural Subregion of Alberta

Range Plant Communities and Range Health Assessment Guidelines for the Foothills Parkland Natural Subregion of Alberta

Available from the Grassland Restoration Forum website ( ) or at the course (contact Donna at: ).


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