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by Jillian Tester


Foothills Fescue native grasslands in SW Alberta are declining and becoming increasingly fragmented with new industrial development and recreation pressures in the region. Competent pre-disturbance site assessment and follow-through are critical to assessing restoration risk, minimizing disturbance, and preparing effective and cost-efficient construction and reclamation plans for all development in native grasslands. This two-day field-based tour addresses:

  • Reclamation issues and beneficial practices in the region
  • Conservation assessment in native grassland
  •  Project planning, ecological site restoration risk assessment
    and recovery strategies for fescue grasslands
  • A tour of industrial sites to illustrate different construction
    and reclamation practices in the region

Target Audience Industry environment and construction managers, consultants, planners, operations personnel, and reclamation practitioners working in grasslands, foothills and montane regions of SW Alberta.

Workshop Objectives

  • Gain a basic understanding of ecosystem classification concepts for the Grassland, Parkland and Montane.
  • Overview of disturbance risk assessments and strategic siting for grassland plant communities.
  • Introduce the toolbox for development of appropriate mitigation and restoration strategies, linked to types of
    disturbance and grassland plant communities.
  • Designing and sourcing suitable native seed mixes and other plant materials for the region.

Registration: Numbers will be limited to reflect Covid-safe outdoor group sizes. A waiting list will be available. Registration starting mid-April on the GRF website, While you’re there, check out the great information on industry guidelines and best practices for minimizing impacts
to native grasslands and expediting recovery after disturbance.

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