Pre-Site Assessment and Reclamation Practices for Northern Fescue Native Grasslands

Native Hay Harvester

August 14-15, 2019 Consort, Alberta


Northern Fescue native grasslands are highly fragmented. Competent pre-disturbance site assessment and follow through are critical to preparing effective and cost-efficient construction and reclamation plans. This two-day classroom and field-based course covers how to:

  • Use the Range Plant Community Guides to assess grasslands
  • Develop a Recovery Strategy for Disturbances
  • Design and source seed mixes for industrial disturbances to meet Reclamation Criteria conservation objectives.

These tools provide valuable context to interpret results of data collected for NEW AEP Conservation Assessments – Strategic Siting and Pre-disturbance Site Assessments for Industrial Activities on Native Grasslands.

Instructors: B. Adams, M. Neville, P. Desserud, N. Ball

Target Audience Environmental and construction consultants and planners, operations personnel and reclamation practitioners working in native grassland and parkland.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a basic understanding of the ecosystem classification concepts for the Grassland and Parkland Range Plant Community Guides.
  • Learn to navigate through the guides to link site conditions, soils and determine plant communities – with hands on practice.
  • Overview of disturbance risk assessments and strategic siting for grassland plant communities.
  • Work through development of appropriate mitigation and restoration strategies, linked to types of disturbance and plant community, for plant community discussed.
  • Designing and sourcing native seed mixes and other plant materials.

Registration $550 per person. Includes course fees and materials. 

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