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We rely on sponsorship for cost recovery and continuation of the Foothills Restoration Forum. We are seeking financial support through corporate and community sponsorship.

Our Goals – to foster stewardship, improve reclamation practice and promote the restoration and operability of native grasslands in Alberta through education, outreach and research. The conservation and restoration of intact native grasslands are critical to maintaining habitat, biodiversity and ecosystem function in a fragmented and rapidly changing multi-use landscape.

Events – We host two outreach and extension events each year, including:

Range Health Assessment Training – which attracts 50-60 participants including 20 students;
Annual Fall Information Session – which attracts 100-120 grassland stakeholders to network and exchange current information on native grassland reclamation practice, stewardship and management.

Our goal is to operate on a ‘cost recovery’ basis while keeping participant fees low enough to allow everyone interested in the opportunity to join us.

Mailing List – We reach over 600 people on our mailing list, with interest in FRF from industry, government and ENGOs, agricultural producers, the public, and educational institutions.

Information Portal – a single source information portal to knowledge, guidelines, research and publication sales relevant to native grassland assessment and restoration and host for the
Recovery Strategies for Industrial Disturbance in Native Grasslands publications.

Donations are sincerely appreciated and acknowledged at our events and in printed materials such as advertising and agendas. We are thankful for donations of any amount to continue the work of FRF going well into the foreseeable future.

Donate now or contact us to offer sponsorship for an FRF initiative or general support. We would be happy to discuss the best fit and provide additional information to you.

For More information, please contact Donna Watts at: or Jane Lancaster at: