Grassland Restoration Forum

About Grassland Restoration Forum


The Grassland Restoration Forum (GRF) promotes the conservation and restoration of native grasslands in Alberta through education, outreach and research to improve reclamation practice and foster stewardship. The GRF began in 2006 as a collaboration between members of provincial agencies, the ranching community, conservation organizations, First Nations, industry, plant ecologists and reclamation practitioners.

Our valued committees
continue to work together to make a difference!

The GRF’s Steering Committee

with their many years of combined experience from diverse backgrounds, provide a wealth of knowledge, leadership, goal setting, vision, and promotion.


is a multi-disciplinary group of prairie stakeholders which supports the GRF through participating in research projects, workshops, communication, and promotion.


The focus of the GRF is in Alberta’s Grassland Natural Region and grasslands of the neighboring Parkland and Montane Natural Subregions.  The GRF respectfully acknowledges that these areas are within the traditional territories of Treaties 4, 6 and 7 of the First Nations and Metis Regions 2 and 3.


Native grasslands and their ecological functions are conserved and successfully restored by informed stakeholders and practitioners within a multiple-use landscape.


To provide a forum for information sharing, tool development, research and education to promote and support conservation and effective restoration of native grassland ecosystems in Alberta.


To continue to improve the grassland reclamation and restoration practice.

What have We Done?

The GRF contributes to policy development, develops guidance for positive influence for restoration and reclamation including published manuals.  We host an information portal to facilitate information transfer on conserving and restoring native grasslands. (More Information Button which links to dropdown). We connect the Grassland Community through social media and our website provides information on upcoming grassland restoration events throughout Alberta and western Canada. 

We promote effective grassland restoration strategies through knowledge transfer and skills development.  Yearly Education and outreach events include: Grassland Restoration – Industry Field Tours;  Grassland Assessment Classroom-based and Field Training; Stavely Research Station Range Walk and the Annual Fall Information Session. (More Information Button which links to dropdown)

Registered Society through the Southern Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI)

The GRF is a Non-Profit Organization administered through the Southern Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI) – an umbrella organization and registered charity that provides administrative support to non-profit organizations. We rely on sponsorship for cost recovery and continuation of the Grassland Restoration Forum. We are seeking financial support through corporate and community sponsorship

Event Cancellation

How to Use the Range Plant Community Guides and Recovery Strategies

Unfortunately with a number of late cancellations for the Range Plant Community Guides & Recovery Strategies Workshop scheduled for September 13th, 2023 we’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel the workshop for this fall due to insufficient registrations for a cost recovery event.  We will be offering the same workshop in conjunction with the CLRA Conference in March 2024.  The GRF Mailing list will receive notice/announcements about the event as details become available.

We are still proceeding as planned with the Grassland Assessment Classroom & Hands on Field Training on September 14th at the Cassils Hall/Antelope Creek Ranch.

Apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.