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Use the resources below to find out more about native grassland conservation and restoration

Recovery Strategies for Disturbance in Native Grasslands

These guidance documents are designed for industry and others to improve reclamation outcomes in native grassland ecosystems with the goal of restoration after disturbance. Guidance is based on long-term monitoring, literature review, peer review and stakeholder workshops.

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Prospectus for a Shared Approach to Research: Conserving and Restoring Rough Fescue Grasslands

To help address the issue of conserving and restoring the remaining native grasslands, the GRF has developed five key themes and associated research questions to describe critical gaps in our knowledge base. Identifying these gaps helps to document and focus what research is necessary.

Guidelines & Reference

This section hosts links for current government guidance and downloadable documents on ecological site restoration risk analysis, how to conduct assessment of native grasslands, planning tools to minimize disturbance to native grasslands and designing reclamation of native grassland disturbances.

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Research & Technical Reports

This section hosts research and monitoring documents relevant to conservation, management and reclamation of native grasslands.

Canadian Native Plant Materials Exchange

This is a joint initiative of the Grassland Restoration forum and Ross Dahl add of Dahl Bros Spraying Ltd. will take you to the site.

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Video Links

The Imperative for Regional and Strategic Planning in Alberta (Opens in a new window)

Brad Stelfox’s youtube channel (Opens in a new window)

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