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Target Audience: Project Managers and Contractors.

Useful for: Landowners, inclusion in bid documents and pre-job meetings with contractors. 

Industrial activity, agriculture, recreation and conservation interests are often competing to use the same piece of land. Working together with these stakeholder groups, the oil and gas industry and government regulatory authorities have developed principles, guidelines and tools that reduce the footprint of industrial activity in this multiple-use landscape.


Stavely Research Ranch

Situated in the Porcupine Hills west of Stavely, Alberta, the Staveley Research Ranch is a unique and valuable demonstration of long-term effects of land management on grassland ecosystems in Alberta. Stavely was instrumental in development of the Alberta Range Health Assessment Protocols. Stavely continues to provide research opportunities, managed through the University of Alberta, Rangeland Research Institute (RRI)

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Targeted Grazing For Vegetation Management: Plant and Animal Interactions and Recommended Monitoring Protocols

Targeted grazing uses livestock timing, frequency, intensity, and selectivity to apply herbivory pressure on target plant species or portions of the landscape to reach specific vegetation objectives. It can be a useful tool to manipulate plant cover in both mature plant communities and in areas recovering from disturbance. Although a simple concept, it is more complex in practice and relies on an understanding of several different interacting factors, including the interactions between plants and herbivores. Check out our resources on the information portal.

Targeted Grazing For Vegetation Management: Plant and Animal Interactions and Recommended Monitoring Protocols Read More »

Event Cancellation

How to Use the Range Plant Community Guides and Recovery Strategies

Unfortunately with a number of late cancellations for the Range Plant Community Guides & Recovery Strategies Workshop scheduled for September 13th, 2023 we’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel the workshop for this fall due to insufficient registrations for a cost recovery event.  We will be offering the same workshop in conjunction with the CLRA Conference in March 2024.  The GRF Mailing list will receive notice/announcements about the event as details become available.

We are still proceeding as planned with the Grassland Assessment Classroom & Hands on Field Training on September 14th at the Cassils Hall/Antelope Creek Ranch.

Apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.